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Leave design and development, integrating the most happening games in town and payment gateway to us. That is exactly what the White Label software solution offers iGaming operators.

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White labelling is perfect for both new and seasoned operators as it offers the least hassle for starting an iGaming brand. Whether you are changing platform providers or just starting out in iGaming, the White Label is a tried and tested iGaming solution.

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payment system

Support multi-currency payment channels & 3rd-party payment providers

affiliate system

Traditional agency models & universal agency model

data reporting system

Multi-faced display of website operations data

backend control log system

Recording of backend settings modifications

loyalty system

Create promo campaigns & monitor results

intelligent risk control system

Hedge monitoring

rebate system

Agent referral distribution

language system

Support multiple languages for local markets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iGaming white label solution?

iGaming white label solution is the first step to building an online gaming platform. It is essentially a software with a well-established system connecting various payment channels and a wide selection of games, such as e-Sports, slots, and more.


iGaming white label is a ready-made solution which allows anyone to easily build your own iGaming platform.

Why choose iGaming white label solution?

iGaming white label solution offers full front-end and back-end support, including site building, operations, after-sales service and 24/7 online support. iGaming operators no longer need to spend a large amount of time, money, and manpower to develop an iGaming system, enabling to launch their brand in the shortest time possible. In addition, operators can also choose to fully customize the white label product, which allows absolute independence in terms of operations.

What services are included in Everest B2C Gaming Solutions?

Everest’s one-stop white label solutions include front-end template design, back-end system setup, fully supported web, H5, and mobile APP. In addition, we also have a selection of game options and payment options which can be integrated to quickly create an iGaming platform. Our strong tech and customer support can provide a 24/7 anti-hijack and professional customer support for efficient operations.

What is the projected timeline to launch an iGaming platform?

For existing templates, the estimated time frame is 3-5 working days, while creating customized templates may take approximately 7-10 working days.

Can Client’s have tailor-made design for the website to reflect their unique brand identity?

Certainly, Everest B2C Gaming Solutions offers the option for a customized design that aligns with Client’s specific requirements and brand identity. Check out this section to get started with customized design for your brand.

Does Everest B2C Gaming Solution offer payment gateway solution?

Everest B2C Gaming Solutions has partnered with XURPAY to deliver payment solution that enhances your speed to market.

Is it possible to integrate new payment gateway into the Everest B2C Gaming Solution system?

Yes, Everest B2C Gaming Solution allows for the integration of new payment gateways, providing flexibility and customization options.

Will the platform website be responsive and compatible with various devices, including mobile phones and tablets?

Absolutely, the platform website will be accessible on web, H5, and app versions, ensuring compatibility across all devices.

How does the platform website handle high-traffic volume to ensure smooth performance and prevent crashes or slowdowns?

The platform website employs a robust infrastructure and optimized coding practices to handle high-traffic volume effectively. This includes a stand-alone server setup, a well-designed codebase, and the ability to auto-scale servers to accommodate increased traffic demands.

Can clients request the addition of new features or functionalities to the back-office?

Certainly, clients can discuss with Everest B2C Gaming Solution’s team for specific feature requests and evaluate the feasibility of implementing them into the back-office system. We must tell you that we are extremely proud of our back-office features, as it has been developed from our years of experience in managing various iGaming brands within the subcontinent region.

What level of post-launch maintenance and support do Everest B2C offer?

Everest B2C provides comprehensive post-launch support, including 24/7 customer service support and post-sales assistance during working hours.

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